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Our quality goals

To deliver flawless items at the right time and to the right price

Our location

Lind Hansens Vej 3 5000 Odense C Denmark

Opening hours

Monday to thursday: pm 08:00 - 16:00 Friday: 08:00 -14:00
saturday and sunday: closed

Why chosing Steffen's tool?

  • We regrind all Steel Qualities We regrind planetary dies in all steel qualities. Our special grinding procedure allows us to regenerate planetary dies made of as well tungsten carbide steel as in high speed steel.
  • Your regenerated Die will be as new Our working process for the regeneration of dies is identical to the production of a new die. In the reworking-process of your used planetary die, we adjust the radius of curvature of the segment to the new regrinded diameter of the ring. The regenerated die is as well adjusted to work with the dimension of wire used by you. This ensures that your regenerated die has the same specifications and qualities as new dies. If preferred, we offer to tenifer-treat or de-stress the surface of HSS-dies, to enhance the strength of the surface.

Quality cost and long term life of die

  • Quality and Precision is a Keyword Unlike the traditional milling of dies, at which the die is loosing strength during the annealing and the retempering, we regrind with exact precision the dies without having to retemper the dies. We regrind on CNC-controlled machines. This means that dies from Steffen’sTools keep the strength during the whole lifetime and that the endurance of the die stays at the same high level until the last possible regeneration.
  • We focus on the total Cost during the lifetime of your die An investment in a new die from Steffen’s Tools is the start to lower your cost for dies.  New dies in for instance high speed steel or tungsten carbide steel produced by Steffen’sTools can be regenerated 10 times. As the cost for regeneration is less expensive than the price for new dies, the total die-cost related to the production-capacity during the whole lifetime of the die, will consequently be dramatically reduced. This means that an investment in a die produced out of a more expensive steelquality may be the better and cost saving choice for your production.
  • The Die remains as one Set throughout its Lifetime The ring and segments should together be regarded as one set, which is used and regrinded together throughout its lifetime. Consequently, the segments and the respective ring regenerated by Steffen’s Tools have an identical identification number to identify the complete die-set. We register your regenerated die in a log-book in our It-system that enables us to recall the history of the die.

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