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To deliver flawless items at the right time and to the right price

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Lind Hansens Vej 3 5000 Odense C Denmark

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Monday to thursday: pm 08:00 - 16:00 Fredag: 08:00 -14:00
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With our 8-axes CNC grinder (Vilar Lasur) it is e.g. possible to grind threads and double-curved surfaces in a spiralgrinding. Our CNC Grinding machine with 8 Axis is one of the largest controlled grinding machines which is able to create all profiles and radii. Are used for grinding of small tools. It is both able to make round cut and horizontal grinding and to grind from all angles.



By Means of a honing process, we are able to make precision honing of holes. Through this technology, we achieve a result that are 7-10 times more precise than with the cylindrical grinder and with a Ra value Down to my mm. We have af wide selections of grinding stones to different types of jobs. With this machine we are able to create a smooth surface where a special demand to the finish is required. Our Lap master laps on 40 my - afterwards it is posible to lap manualle Down to 1 my precision.