High quality is our strength

Our quality goals

To deliver flawless items at the right time and to the right price

Our location

Lind Hansens Vej 3 5000 Odense C Denmark

Opening hours

Monday to thursday: pm 08:00 - 16:00 Fredag: 08:00 -14:00
saturday and sunday: closed

Our expertice

Steffen’s Tools has more than 40 years of experience of production and regrinding of high quality planetary dies to the nail industry. Our quality goal is to deliver the right products at the right time and to the right price. Steffen’s Tools is a Danish company, that has specialized in the production and regrinding of high quality planetary dies for the production of profiled nails. We have more than 40 years of experience within this line of business and our customers are as well large as small European producers of machine- and cam nails. Steffen’s Tools produce new annular dies in all steel qualities according to your specific needs. Our speciality is the production of high-capacity dies in tungsten carbide steel as well as high-quality dies in high speed steel 1.3343. We only produce dies out of first class certified material, and we select the steel quality according to your specific requirements. Steffen’s Tools produce any planetary die according to your specifications and production-requirements. We are constantly developing new and better dies. Examples hereof is the OptiProfile for annular ringed nails which gives a perfect rolling and an optimal endurance and the MaxiDie that has a larger regeneration capacity than normal dies.


Our process for high quality

To increase the endurance of dies in high speed steel, we have the option of adding tenifer treatment to the die, which further diminishes the adherence of wire material to the die. Surface-treatment is carried out at a certified hardening plant, monitored of the quality system of Steffen’s Tools. Our special grinding-process secures that dies from Steffen’s Tools are extremely precise. We grind all surfaces on CNC-controlled grinding machines, and the ring is consequently running with a tolerance of less than 1/100 mm. The profiling of the face of the die is precision-grinded to meet our very strict limits of tolerance. To ensure an easy and timesaving mounting-procedure, the profiling is set from the bottom of the die. At reversible dies, the profiling is set from as well the bottom as the top. Dies from Steffen’s Tools are marked with the steel quality and the surface treatment of the die. You are with this important information always informed about the qualities of a die from Steffen’s Tools, and with this information, you are able to select the right die for a specific production. Dies from Steffen’s Tools carry an identification number. This number is part of our electronic log-file of the die that enables us to recall the history of the die throughout the lifetime of the die. NEWS! Our Blue Wave profile gives a perfect rolling of your screw-nails.